DISCLAIMER: I am not suggesting for one minute that Sally Morgan is not speaking to the dead, telling the truth, getting messages from the deceased, or being anything but honest with her audience. I am merely reporting what happened, and leaving the conclusion to those who read this. In the course of her performance, Morgan stated that what she did was entertainment. Again, I leave the validity of that statement to the reader – draw your own conclusion.

On February 23 2012, I was tasked with attending a performance of Psychic Sally Morgan, and writing a review. On the grounds of what happened, the newspaper decided not to run the review because it would make a big story. It was then handed to their legal people who vetoed it, on the grounds of the fact that there is a current legal dispute between Morgan and a newspaper, and they had no wish to be drawn into the fight. I was told that Sally Morgan has made it clear that if any media outlet suggests that she is a fraud or that she is a liar, then she WILL sue.

So, the story was dropped. However, it was handed to The Sun. They initially seemed very excited, but it was then given to the legal people there… and nothing came of it.

It is worth bearing in mind that in the days prior to the show, I informed a number of people of my intentions, despite the realisation that the odds against my “message” being selected were high, indeed.

So, here is what happened…

On the actual evening of the performance, as the show was closing for the first half, Psychic Sally Morgan had what can only be described as hysterics. She was wailing and squeaking, saying that she could see an explosion… and a man “being thrown in the air.” She seemed to be completely overcome by the horrific vision, stating that she was trying to get it out of her head, but couldn’t. She seemed to be completely overwhelmed by this vision.

There followed the intermission.

After the intermission she came back on stage, still talking about the horrific image she had in her head, and that she had to get it out. She then gave the name “Mark” linked to this explosion. Somebody stood, suggesting it might be him, as his name was Mark and he worked with somebody whose son had been killed in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Sally took it a step further, saying she was getting the name “Tobin” or “Toe-been” something like that…. At which point I stood up, yelled “Up here” and was handed the microphone. The onstage video camera picked me out, so my image now appeared on the backdrop video screen. I was then told that this chap who was killed in the explosion was on the stage with Sally… big explosion… He was sitting on something…. Or hunched over something… Then the explosion…Horrific… Horrible.. blah blah blah. 

Now, here’s what Sally didn’t know. A couple of weeks before the show I found her website and I sent a message, saying that I was all excited that she was coming to Edinburgh. Also, I hoped to get a message from Toby “Tobias” Wren, who was killed in an explosion on December 14 while defusing an explosive device.”

On the evening of the show, when you first enter the theatre foyer you are faced with a standee which proclaims “Sally’s Love Letters and Photographs”. Inside, there are stacks of hundreds of “Sally’s Love Letters” and pens. The Love Letters are pieces of card, about 3″x2″ which state: “Ask Sally about a loved one who has passed over and she may pick this card out of her ‘Psychic Orb’ during the evening and come to you with a special message….”

There are literally hundreds of people filling out these slips of paper and placing them in a box. These slips are later taken onto the stage and dumped into the Psychic Orb, which looks like a big, glass fishbowl. Myself and an assistant spent a merry half-hour filling out the slips – all with exactly the same information – “Toby ‘Tobias’ Wren. Killed in an explosion on December 14 while defusing an explosive device.”

What makes this so strange – that Sally had Toby on stage with her – is that the explosion and the character names are actually lifted directly from the fictional death scene of Toby Wren, a character played by Robert Powell in the BBC series “Doomwatch”. 

How could she be so distressed by such a horrific scene, when it was a television dramatisation from 1970? How could she get the name of “Toby” and have him standing beside her – as she told us he was – when, actually, Toby never existed? Remarkable, indeed. Is it possible that she picked up on my psychic thoughts? 

Where could that information have come from? Certainly not from the dead spirit of Toby, that’s for sure, because Toby never existed, other than as a fictional character in a BBC drama!

If that IS how she got the information, then passed on a message to me that had the audience gasp in astonishment, then it makes me wonder about the source of the other “messages”.

What I found so distressing about this, as a member of the audience, is that there were whole families turning up, each paying around £25 per person. These were people, some of whom obviously would have found this a financial burden, in the hope of having some sort of contact from a dearly loved mother, father or child.

Seeing Sally Morgan on-stage clutching her chest, acting out the last thoughts of a deceased father, squealing “He’s saying: I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” and watching the sobbing reaction of the relatives… Made me feel distnctly uneasy – and that’s putting it lightly. It is the vulnerable and the bereaved who suffer the cruel consequence of all this. I would question the suggestion that this brings comfort to the bereaved.

So, with all that reported: Here is the review :

Sally Morgan

Playhouse Theatre

Stars: 1

Run ended

THE show starts long before the curtain goes up. In a side room there are pens and cards: Sally’s Love Letters. Audience members are invited to fill in a card with information about a loved one who has passed over, with the promise that she may pick that card out of her “Psychic Orb”. 

There were a lot of cards being filled out. And the psychic orb looked suspiciously like the fish bowls favoured by fake spiritualists in the past, and by psychological illusionists such as Derren Brown today.

Morgan skipped onto the stage and launched into a long explanation of what she does and how she does it. She took great pains to point out that she has to refer to her performance as a “show” and that it is entertainment, because of legislation and the fact that there is a “lot going on at the moment”. Possibly referring to the upcoming legal case.

And eventually, the performance began.  She would throw out names, often as loose as “Shirley… or Shirl… or Sheila. It may be a place name like Sheil.” It seems that the spirits mumble.

There were moments where she got the information bang on. But there were also moments when the answers to her questions drew a long string of “No”s, at times producing giggles from sections of the crowd. There were many more misses than hits.

It was easy to remember that in her previous job Morgan was a dental nurse – because this was like pulling teeth.

Just before the intermission, she was suddenly overcome with shock. She could “see” an explosion. “A man being thrown in the air.” She couldn’t get the horror of it from her mind, but she promised to return to the theme on her return.

And she did. Clearly appalled by what she was “seeing” she offered the name of “Tobin”. Which is when a certain Evening News reviewer found himself in the spotlight. Her message was uncannily accurate. One of the highlights.

Unfortunately, the spirit who was “standing beside her” describing the details – the same details that had been written on a number of Sally’s Love Letters, and emailed earlier that week – was actually a death scene played by the great British actor Robert Powell as Toby Wren in the BBC series “Doomwatch” in 1970. Oops! Didn’t see THAT coming.

Coincidence? Might have been. Either way, it would seem that, for a short while at least, Morgan’s “extraordinary gift” had deserted her. It was a show that left more questions than it offered answers.



127 thoughts on “PSYCHIC OR NOT… YOU DECIDE.

    • Part of Complaint to register with Ofcom. “Psychic Sally”. This programme was aired today between 2 and 3. I would like to know how it is possible that a prgramme about a con artist could be shown as GENUINE! It is disgraceful such an event could be premitted. How is it possible? Have you no control over such things? People are gullible enough without condoning such behaviour. The makers of this progamme are encouraging the feeble-minded to believe in such nonsense. STOP THESE THIEVES !

    • Well . . . Since it is clear that one could not possibly receive messages from someone (or anything) which is dead, I am perfectly happy to call any person who claims to do so, A LIAR.

      The feeble-minded who believe in suc nonsense should be protected from these thieves.

      Join the campaign to to prohibit these con artists from advertising or performing. Email your M.P. to riase the issue in parliament!

      ANYONE claiming to be psychic is in one, or both, of only two states.


      2) A CON ARTIST.

  1. I have to say, that I saw a video of this woman doing a show, and watching as she dragged tears out of a poor lady that hd lost her daughter. She appeared to be really pushing the info until she got tears from the recipient. Heartless, cruel, and almost sick making. I hope she goes to court and loses. People need to see her for the fraudulent horrible person she is!

  2. Houdini spent a great deal of his time exposing mediums and people who claimed to talk to the dead. Magicians know that the art of “cold reading” can be learned by anyone and of course, being based on probablility, there is always a chance that there will be some “misses”. Techniques to avoid this include using audience members the “psychic” has previously met and of course with many people booking online now, there are lots of details which can usefully be entered into Google!! It is reported that TV shows of so-called mediums only show about 20% of the actual show because they don’t like to show the “misses”. Mediums defend their fraudulent activities by stating they bring comfort to the relatives of the deceased. I could live with that if they didn’t charge them £25 (or much more) a time. I am astonished that anyone seriously believes that someone can talk to the dead. As a magician I am also in the business of trickery. The difference is that I never pretend that I can do something I can’t. Well done to the author for exposing yet another fraudster.

  3. Hi guys, this is a very interesting true story; it is somewhat similar to the scots woman who was put in jail during world war 2; what happened there was she was in a trance with people who wanted to find out if their relatives had been killed in action.Well this is when it gets frightening so beware!
    The woman had been told the names or given a list of names , what happened during the trance is a mystery but the startling news that emerged that a huge naval battleship had been blown up and sunk with either all or most of the crew killed; and this bad news had been kept secret from the public in UK ; nobody new about this disaster. When the word got out from the people involved in the trance they went crazy screaming etc etc at the authorities. The woman was arrested as a nazi spy and thrown in jail and banned from any sort of spirit trances meetings card readings crystal ball readings and even teacup readings I dont know about Tarot Readings. She would have made a fortune at the present time at between 40 to 60 dollars areading. So there you are I will leave it up to you guys;regards and watch for the next full moon!!!!!!!

    • This sounds interesting indeed, Captain Kingsway. I would like to find out more about this story, do you have any more details such as the “scots woman”‘s name? Also, please excuse my stupidity, but what does the full moon have to do with it?

      • The woman in question was called Helen Duncan, and the ship HMS Barham. Although its sinking had been kept quiet from the general public, the relatives of casualties had been told, and this was presumably how Duncan found out about it. The case is well documented – Duncan was actually arrested on stage whilst wearing a sheet and pretending to be a manifesting spirit. She was convicted for falsely claiming to possess magical powers under the Witchcraft Act, partly to stop her doing anything similar again – careless talk costs lives, after all.

      • The woman was called. Helen Duncan. She was. a physical Medium. A. Young sailor. appeared. In the meeting.. he wore the name of his ship. On the cap he wore. At this time. Military personnel wore no identifying. Insignia. The authorities were informed. She was put on trial under the 18th century. Witchcraft Act. Is that enough info.

    • Er, far from ‘nobody knowing’, the families of those who died on HMS Barham knew, but had been told to keep it secret. Which would be ideal material for a fraudulent medium to use. She had a faked HMS Barham hatband on her when she was arrested, ready for another fake manifestation.

      • That is rubbish. How could she have a headband. of said ship. If the relatives knew. Would they tell her. Obviously there is no honour. If they supposedly did The wan the boy appeared was his mother. and she. Had no idea the ship had. Sunk. Even if you do not believe. Get your facts correct. Making up facts is not good. It is like. Someone saying the holocaust did not occur. Facts. Dare. all.

  4. Tasteless, but don’t the willing have a right to indulge themselves in these melodramatics? Is her product worse than more discreet deceitful comforts? I’m sure deep down each and every member of the audience knows the deal.

    • You’re absolutely correct although I do believe that the audience for the most part cannot contextualise their lives to this.

    • Having been an open minded sceptic I went to see Derek Acorah a few times. Once with a friend who received a message from someone only a very few people in her life knew existed. How he did that, to this day I still don’t know because by that point id seen him several times and was INCREDIBLY wary of his abilities.

      But he continually used to receive messages for this one male in the audience, who after a little while then used to start popping up on Most Haunted live and other shows with him!!! Which seeped my disbelief in him!!!

      And as for Morgan, well she signed her warrant when Derren Brown caught her out with the ‘lucky dog’ of Todmorden!!!

      She is a sham and dispicible, as the rest are, for taking money from people who clearly looking for solace following the loss of a loved one.

  5. There are always cases like this coming up where people claiming psychic abilities have been caught out in similar ways. Please please try to get this as evidence for the upcoming trial.

  6. Hey Cappy, the only way you’ll know if that story is actually true or is just a Chinese Whisper is if you were actually there. Were you?

  7. I can’t believe this debate of whether people are psychic or not is still going on. What are we, six? Of course people can’t speak to the dead for god’s sake.

    These people are all either lying to make money out of grieving people (sick) or mentally unwell. I would expect the former to have a higher success rate so logically presume the most popular mediums of today are sick manipulators who should reconsider their line of business.

    In any other industry we would have some kind of accreditation system to avoid fraud of this nature. People should have to categorically prove in lab conditions that they can talk to the dead to be an accredited psychic. happily THERE IS NO SUCK THING AS PSYCHIC so the introduction of such a scheme should get rid of them all. Hurrah.

  8. Reblogged this on Consumerist Missive and commented:
    This is a BRILLIANT review of ‘Psychic’ Sally Morgan. The best and most effective pratfall I have ever read regarding any psychic. Read this, then I’ll post my experience of being at a live taping of Beyond with James Van Praagh.

  9. I can see your point here and it disgusts me, as a sensitive, which i prefer to be called, it makes me cringe, There are many sensitives around who do not charge to offer comfort to those in need may I suggest you read up on Lorraine Holloway White, a sensitive like myself who is on a crusade to change these behaviors, she is a well written author and skeptical medium.. The raking in of cash is sickening, and I give freely as do others, as we are not all charlatans. Well done on this review.

  10. Whoah we aren’t all frauds!, please don’t tar us all with the same daft brush you people are using to sweep sally morgan aside.I can see your point, and it’s disgusting ripping poor people off, but we aren’t all like that.
    Look up Lorraine Holloway white, she’s against folk getting conned, and is on a journey to get this behaviour changed.
    Oh, and for the folk that think talking to “dead people” can’t be taken seriously, wait until you pop your clogs, you’re in for one hell of a big surprise ;).

    • I would say the one who’s going to be surprised is you, but as you’ll just be dead and not communicating with anyone, you won’t be able to be surprised.
      The dead are just that – dead.

    • Yes you are.

      More and more evidence is thrown into the mix. Five hundred years ago the world wasn’t round, and people were locked up for saying otherwise. It’s strange how as things unfold, magic gets replaced by fact.

      • Actually five hundred years ago the world *was* round (or spherical).

        Who was locked up for saying otherwise? Do you mean Galileo? Who else was there?

    • Totally agree with you there Jiskabe! Not all mediums are frauds, I for one give my services on word of mouth and I would never take money off people. If people feel the need to donate then I give this to my local Hospice and if people come and see me by word of mouth then I know people are believing in life after death, it’s not all bad mediums out there!

  11. One evening in late 2011 I was dragged along to one of her shows in Cambridge by my partner.. I found Sally Morgan to be nothing more than a spiteful old fraud who preys on vulnerability of the old and bereaved. I found her form of entertainment highly distasteful as she claimed to have a ladies three dead babies with her on stage that the poor woman had miscarried. I found it nothing short of disgusting.

  12. On the whole I love psychics and fortune tellers. I see them as a form of theater that puts the audience at the center of the story. I would actively feed a psychic information about myself and I would still enjoy the performance… However I can’t watch Sally. There’s something so desperately insincere and exploitive about her that it’s unbearable esp. when she uses that terrible baby voice while mimicking someone’s dead father or child. In all honesty I can’t believe there aren’t laws against her.

  13. I’ve seen her show and, for the most part it is almost flippant in how obvious it is fantasy, then you have moments described where people have had relatives, children, parents die, in horrific or sensitive circumstances, or even gone missing, or have legal implications; these parts are exploitative, its an embarrassing cash-cow, and the cow in the centre of it all needs to perpetuate it for as long as possible until she is no longer allowed.

  14. Not that I believe in all this hogwash, but there is a really simple response they could make in that they are psychic, obviously you were thinking about this guy in the hopes to catch her out and she has picked that up on instead of a message from the other side

  15. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as its all BS! Why do people still fall for this?! “I’m getting the name Fred? Freddie? Eddie? Ted? Yes Robert that’s it!”

    • a true sensitive will only ever ask for a yes or no confirmation, they will never pull straws and ask questions, they will tell you. and you will simply either answer yes or no as to whether or not the information is correct, as for names…there arent any in the spirit world, there is no need for them, but again a true senstive will not guess eddie freddie starts with J, that you can be sure of. All that crap makes me sick, and I am a sensitive.

      • Sorry but if by ‘sensitive’ you’re implying that you have the ability to ‘hear’ the dead then I’m afraid the fact that you don’t take money for using your gift simply makes you less harmful in one fewer aspect only.

        You still use other peoples misery for your own emotional gain on the basis of powers that don’t exist. If you’re that sensitive get yourself some formal training in counselling and therapy and use those skills instead of using ‘magic’.

      • If a “true sensitive” is really sensitive, they should know the information and not need to ask if it’s correct or not, surely. Sensitive, spirit world, etc. = BS.

  16. Watching TV psychics makes me cringe. I congratulate the journalist on this piece and wholeheartedly agree that fakes should be revealed as their behaviour is disgusting and expoitative. However, I urge people not to take the stance that all psychics are fakes. I was raised by a normal family with a great Aunt who was ‘different’. She taught me abouthow certain people do have a natural gift and in my family it seems I inherited it. I do practise as a psychic and would never take advantage. I don’t want payment, fame, recognition, or any other personal benefit. I just want to deliver a message I was given so as to help people with grief. It annoys me that these people on TV claim to have an ability and exploit both a talent an industry, but more importantly the family and friends of those who have passed. Please don’t think we’re all bad.

  17. People have only themselves to blame for being taken in by this foolishness. There is no such thing as ‘psychic power’ and most mediums are eventually exposed as frauds

  18. There is no such thing as a Psychic no, otherwise you would be able to do it on tap 24/7 and prove it without a problem. There are genuine people out there that can have experiences though that are totally genuine, however, this sort of thing is most certainly not at all and whilst some members of the audience will deep down know the deal, I feel that some of them actually won’t have clue, sad but quite likely true, they are bereaved and believing and unfortunatly many are taken in by people like this. If they all knew deep down what was the deal they wouldn’t be paying the money when a friend or relative could give them some comforting words, so I find that one a little but hard to digest that every single audience member would be aware of it. Still, that being said, I am glad this review has been made and I have re blogged it on my twitter account because I think this is totally dispicable for anybody to be taken advantage of grieving people. These kind of people need to be exposed and very clever of you to set all that up in advance to trick her. I cannot sit here and say that there are not times when one may not converse with a spirit or spirits, unexplained things like that are sure to happen in our lifetime, but we must always try to minimalise and irradicate any other solution as to what it could be first, and certainly, at least, in my opinion, if you are genuine then you don’t ask people for money anyway. I have read this article and now I feel disguisted by the fact that these people get away with making money from peoples misery and pain. It makes me sick. No, I can’t believe why there are no laws against people like this, there really should be. People grieving for lost loved ones is not a joke in the least, and neither should anybody be making money out of it either. Sickening.

  19. I personally have no belief in psychics and spiritualists but I am very interested in the art of cold reading and picking up on body language, with these techniques its possible for anyone to achieve ‘mind reading’ and ‘contact with the dead’. Not all TV shows just the hits – Derren Brown, who claims in no way to be able of mind reading etc, has often shown how a trick can go wrong. I personally believe ‘Psychic Sally’ is exploiting vunerable people but who am I to decide, although I believe this is all fake, there isnt evidence to prove or disprove any of it. Its down to personal belief at the end of the day.

    As for the fake spiritualists fish bowls – this trick interests me a lot, does anyone know where I can pick up on some information about this?

  20. Looking at Sally’s facebook page comments are being taken off as soon as they are written and you can’t write on the wall. Must employ someone to keep an eye on all comments at all times!

  21. Check out the reports for the show that this psychic did in Ireland when they were being ‘fed’ info from a booth to an earpiece they ‘don’t’ wear on stage. Of course this individual could prove the validity of their claims by taking the James Randy $1,000,000 test, but they can’t because ‘they arenot allowed to profit from their gift.’ Really? But it’s okay to rip people off £25/£30 a time to watch you ‘perform’ on stage – bloody hypocrite! And yeah, unless you’re willing to leave a post telling them how great they/are/was/will be then it gets deleted. I look forward to the outcome of the impending lawsuit.

  22. I attended one of these shows with a couple of well known ‘medium’s on stage a few years ago. What a bunch of Charlatans, preying on vunerble people. They had to work hard that night as the women in the audience weren’t fooled by their lame guessing. On the way out I heard many women saying how ‘good he is on the telly’ and realising that the editors do such a fine job on TV.

  23. I wonder if psychics are just people who liked the idea of acting but couldn’t be bothered going through with the ‘character’ part of it.

    Thanks for posting the review: it’s sad that newspapers are more worried about legal ramifications than about telling the truth. Isn’t that what journalism is supposed to be about? Cold hard facts?

  24. Unfortunately the world of belief is riddled with exploiters. Maybe this Sally Morgan needs to be exposed but then what about the Church of England or the catholic Church. Are these institutions any more sincere? When talking about Sally Morgan we find that she makes a gross of £1.53 a minute for her psychic hotline (the cost of speaking with the dead appears more expensive than a Vodafone contract) but surely that is absolute peanuts compared to the money which pours into the coffers of organised religions. One is surely as bad as the other it is just a question of the scale of financial exploitation!

  25. Reblogged this on Smidan and commented:
    I will never know how people can still claim to have ‘psychic’ powers, communicate with the dead or feel a ghosts presence. It doesn’t stand up to any scientific scrutiny but worse is that fact that innocent, often grieving and vulnerable people are exploited in order for people like Sally Morgan to demonstrate her ‘talent’ and ultimately make money off of them.

  26. My wife and I saw Psychic Sally in Wimbledon last month. I am certain that she has no supernatural powers. We went to try to figure out how she did it, having heard stories of the earpiece and stooges in the foyer etc.

    Near half-time Sally saw an old man, recently dead, who had degenerative blindness later in life. She then mentioned Lou or Louise. The dead man talked about a pending divorce saying not to go through with it for the sake of the children. The marriage had lasted 12-15 years.

    My wife’s grandfather died last year having suffered from macular degeneration of both eyes. His wife was named Louise but always called Lou. My wife has been advising a close friend on his upcoming divorce proceedings. He has been married for 13 years and has 3 children.

    We had not discussed any of this before the show. We are not public figures. There is no way she could have known these details. Whereas individually each fact is a likely fit for someone in the audience, the combination of all of them in my particular wife was uncanny.

    I suspect she will win her court case because getting credible witnesses to give convincing, consistent testimony will be very difficult.This will give Sally and others of her type a massive boost for many years to come. On the plus side, the loser will be the Daily Mail, so heh-ho.

    • 1. Most, if not all, elderly people have some sort of visual degeneration
      2. Many people know someone called Lou or Louise
      3. Most people know someone getting divorced
      4. Most people getting divorced will consider not doing it ‘for the sake of the children’ – children plural could be any number other than one – most families have more than one child
      5. Many divorces happen between 12-15 years – that is a pretty big range.

      None of those are in any way exceptional ‘hits’ or difficult to explain. It would be quite amazing to get an audience with lots of people, and for none of that to apply!

      • As I said in my original comment “individually each fact is a likely fit for someone in the audience, the combination of all of them in my particular wife was uncanny”.

  27. Some time in the past……….This is part of the reason why all form of telling the future..sorcery was banned in Europe……those who practice the art were tied to the stake an burned alive………. human beings are naturally gullible…. some of these people MIGHT be genuine but most of them are just FAKES……

  28. Thick people will always be exploited by scam artists like Sally Morgan – it’s just the way it is, no use getting annoyed about it.

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  30. Great article! Frankly, I don’t see the difference between these shows and what goes on in church every Sunday. Instead of an entry fee they pass the collection plate or call for tithe.

  31. Proof that this happened, please? As an ardent sceptic I refuse to believe anything I see/read unless I am presented with PROOF. I see nothing here other than a possibly fictitious account written anonymously. EVIDENCE that this actually occurred…zero.

  32. Good article, but it just leaves me begging “WHAT HAPPENED NEXT….??”

    Ok, she pulled out your card, called out Toby and you stood up but then what happened?
    Did you play along with it?
    Own up to it?

    You can’t just leave it there.

  33. Hey guys,
    I’m actually going to see pyschic Sally tomorrow evening and from watching her on tv and from what my mum told me from watching her live last year, she is amazing and truly gifted. For everyone who says ‘it’s impossible to speak to the dead’ – how exactly do you know? YOU DONT
    For me, believing in things like this gives me a huge boost that there could be a chance to finally communicating with my grandad and even if you dont believe it’s true, who gave you the right to destroy everyone else’s hopes and beleifs? Tbh I think you’re all the sick ones for doing that. Even if there is no such thing as communicating with the dead, some of these mediums do a damn good job of making it look like there is and for some people; that puts them at peace, please keep the offensive opinions away

    • Who gave you the right to say it’s okay for these charlatans to cheat and defraud the grieving if they “do a damn good job” of pretending to talk to the dead? That is so much more offensive than implying she’s a cheat.

      You have the freedom of choice to believe this tosh all you like but you have no right to stop people disagreeing and mocking your beliefs.

      If you want to help finance her millionaire lifetyle “earned” by duping the vulnerable, fair enough go ahead, but it strikes me the only reason you have bothered to write this comment is that your nose is out of joint that others think your beliefs are silly.

      Why don’t you at least try to understand why this womans behaviour is so offensive to so many people.

    • I feel just a little sorry for having to say this. . . .

      You are an idiot!

      No one can communicate with something which does not exist!

  34. Sally on the tv makes me cringe. Not because I think that communication with those who have passed on is Not possible.
    On the contrary, it is because it is so shamefully of such a low standard of psychic demonstration!
    & i did not even mention mediumship – becase those who ‘know’ understand the difference between a Psycic and a Medium…
    The standard has fallen over the years , although I am sure it will return.

    Compare that with a recording of the wise ‘spirit’ guide silver birch. if you want to experience a true spiritual message….

  35. I wish I could publish like you. Your short article PSYCHIC OR NOT YOU DECIDE.
    | Psychic or not – you decide. has pushed me
    to get off my butt and get some word out to the world. You have boosted my confidence just by writing so well.

  36. People who deceive the feeble-mended should be sent to prison, the money they made confiscated and the government should publish statements that EVERY person claiming to be pshcic can only be one of two things; a charlatan or metally unfit. How is it possible that ANYONE could begin to think such drivel could be true? Someone left a message claiming people have “a right to believe”. That’s shocking. People should be educated to understand the difference been possibility and impossibility. Idiots claiming to have such powers should be stopped! It astounds me people are so naive and even prepared to defend these charlatans. It just shows how stupid the general public is.

  37. I have read past opinions and comments on this blog. Myself a medium i am offended at the cruel comments by those who have a complete distaste and bias against all mediums. I have for 20 years been teaching those with a gift to connect with the spirit, and those who are not meant to recieve in this life to enjoy and relax in a meditation. Previously i have worked freely in the spiritualist churches. I am sure those who know me would verify this. I did not choose this path it was chosen for me, i have seen and heard the spirit those who have been on the earth and the beautifully evolved who have never been birthed to the earth. I agree the standard of mediumship and the greed involved is horrendously bad and makes me ashamed, to the genuine mediums and teachers, and there are many who work for the divine with love and no ego quietly doing much to help change the darkness on this earth, who are not looking for profit just are born with a gift to be used the right way. The mediums who need people writing information down or even booking tickets leaving names and adresses, this would not be accepted or required by a natural medium. Myself would never want anyone to give me information, to any genuine medium it is very off putting!!!!!!. Mediums cannot muster up the spirit trust me, only those who want to come do it is their choice. I can only speak for myself and the mediums i have met and are now friends, they and myself are one hundred percent caring and genuine.That is not to say i have not met the bad and sadly those who are not what they portray them selves to be in the churches and theatres etc. So i would ask you do not imply and tar us all with the same brush.!!!!!

    • Since no one could possibly receive message from the dead, there is nothing to decide!

      ANYONE claiming to be psychic (or a medium) is only one, or both of two states.

      !) A con artist.

      2) Mentally unwell.

      Are you one, or both?

      Try to sue me!


  38. Well what can i say to such a rude person. Perhaps i should not respond, i have had many surprises in my time from people like yourself coming through from spirit and shocking their loved ones!!!! saying they are sorry for being a non believer etc and have come back to say they were wrong and apologising!!!!!!! but i accept what you believe, and do not condemn you for your opinion, but let me reassure y, ou i .am not a con woman for i have not used my gift to gain quite the reverse, i have shocked many by refusing money. Though those i teach i do tell them not to be like me in that respect. Mentally unwell, what can i say i think not though i have in my life helped those in that sad karmic way. Sadly i can only say to you wake up, and keep an open mind i would hate for you when you pass to come through me to apologise but when and if you do i will have the pure heart to forgive.

    • As you appear to believe you can receive messages from something which does not exist, obviously you require help.
      Many mentally unwell people are unaware of their problem so just think for a moment….. MESSAGES FROM SOMETHING THAT’S DEAD!
      Obviously not possible. No discussion. Mentally unwell.

      • Well i am not the one with a problem!!!!! but i think perhaps you are the one with a lack of insight and are mentally impaired. I have symathy for you and accept your negative imput and vibration. Though i feel sad for you i can assure you that byou need more help than i do.

  39. I MAY have a problem although, like yourself, I do not believe I have.

    Unfortunately, it is patently obvious to any normal person reading this that YOU MUST be mentally unstable to write such nonsense.

    ANYONE claiming to receive messages from something which does not exist, by that very fact, obviously are unable to tell reality from non-reality. What could be more clear?

    Those doing it for profit should be imprisoned. (Please note, I am moderating my language from “should be executed” to something which WILL be possible in the future.)

    • well you are sick and sad, yes sadly there in all things are frauds, all walks of life, but i have little else to say to you, i have no fear what soever regarding my capability’s and be assured, i will never be in a prison. Having said that i cannot speak for you.

  40. Rest assured, I am not sad. Neither am I sick. So you are wrong, yet again!
    I notice you seem unable to address the issue. I.E. How could anyone communicate with something which did not exist?
    Of course, you will be unable to answer but any amusing comments will surely be noted by sane people.
    Incidentally, if you have ever charged for deceiving people by pretending you have had messages from dead people, you SHOULD be imprisoned. I will be keeping this information available in the hope the inevitable legislation comes soon. I will be delighted to be instrumental in your rightful punishment.

    • You are more than welcome to do whatever you please within the law, infact i suggest you buy a wig and be the judge and jury, i think that would satisfy your blatant disregard to the feelings of many. Seventy percent of the public themselves have had some form of spiritual experience and how you insult the many who know their is no death of the soul, What a extremely bombastic and sad person you must be.People such as you never fail to amuse me, and i feel sorry for you, having no insight into the truth of your existance on the earth, so i think you and i have nothing further to sayto each other, conversation over.!!!!!

  41. Taking your inane statements in order. . . Of course I can do whatever I please within the law. . . I would not be judge or jury. . . . I have intense feelings for others which is precisely why I try to protect them from charlatans like you! . . . . Seventy per cent of the public have NOT had “Spiritual” experience. So, wrong again! . . . . I cannot possibly insult someone who “knows” no death for soul, since that is simply not true! . . . . People like me never fail to amuse you? Great. . . . I DO know the “truth of my existence”. I was born. . . . It is such a pity your life is so shallow you feel the overwhelming desire to be revered. You feel you can persist with your stupid claims because you feel convinced vulnerable people will think you have a gift since there is no way it can be disproved! Carry on. ANY intelligent person does not need “proof” one cannot talk to something which does not exist! . . . Get a life, you stupid person! Conversation over? . . . It is now!

    • You are so amusing!!!! you love the sound of your own dominant voice. Your sort need to find some manners, i can only say there are many people who have been on my pathway for help in so many directions, they can be my judge!!!!!!!! not a small minded arrogant nit wit like your self.

  42. I am pleased you (still) find me amusing. I just feel so sorry for you!
    My manners are impeccable.
    IF there are many people on your “pathway” then there are “many people” who are as stupid as you!
    I hope, one day, you will be judged and sent to prison. Certainly if you have ever charged, you are also a thief as well as being mentally unwell!
    If you think I am small-minded you obviously have not checked me out! I have an IQ of 131.
    I MAY be arrogant but, as long as I can contribute towards ridding the world of con artists like you, I do not care!

    • Well i had decided the spiritual thing to do would be to ignore your disgusting insults, you know nothing about me, or care to who you insult!!! Well, i smile in amusement you have the vanity to think i would check you out to find you have an IQ of 131, all i can say perhaps one would fit your deplorable behaviour and complete ignorance and illiteracy of spiritual knowledge. I can only imagen you have fear of being accountable for your behaviour on the earth, so to be adamant in your negativity regarding the soul lives on, explains you hope in your case it doesn’t.I can only say you have the mentality of a nazi, which makes the sense, of not only your disgustingly bad behaviour, your complete predjudice and judgement on a person you know nothing about, impeccable manners!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha you cannot be serious, i suggest you take a long long look at your self.I had no intention of replying to your last insulting response, but sadly i decided you are the lowest person i have had communication with and could not help myself letting you know. Purely because if you and i went up against each other to research and seek out the people who care about us, i can only say you would be a very poor second.!!!!!!! I make a point of never hurting or insulting anyone, but you are the exception to the rule.

  43. Just think for one tiny moment…….

    You claim to get messages from something which DOES NOT EXIST…….

    Have you thought?

    What do you think sane people think about you claiming that messages can be received from THE DEAD?????

    If you care to look back at ALL my previous messages, you will note I have never been rude but now…….

    YOU ARE A MORON !!!!!!

  44. What do i think people think of me, well so far i believe i have many, many genuine people,who have high regard for what i have done, and those i have helped over the years. I assure you not a single person would consider me insane!!!!!!!! but if they read your insulting messages they would think you were on medication and you had a mental health problem. Also a few friends who have looked at your messages, have told me “ignore him he is not worth your time and energy.” So you poor sad soul i shall take their good advice and do that very thing.

  45. Thank you for your communications. I trust you have no objection to me sharing them with third parties for study.
    It is observed in your last eight responses, some 1,135 words, you do not defend the fact that no one can receive messages from something which does not exist. Since, obviously, it can not be possible, I can only assume you are unable to come up with a response which could be regarded as intelligent. However, you should spend time thinking about such issues and stop simply repeating inane comments which have no relevance. You have called me rude, told me to waken up and keep an open mind accused me of not having insight and being mentally impaired, sick, sad, requiring manners, an arrogant nitwit, insulting, prejudiced and being on medication.

    I called you a moron. ONCE.

    Unlike yourself, I politely address the points you raise. I am not rude very often. Well, I AM awake, have an extremely open mind (Part of my remit). I am not mentally impaired nor sick nor sad. My manners are adapted for all occasions. I AM a little arrogant. (Trouble is, I am pretty superior so you got one right!) Not a nitwit. Do not consider myself insulting under acceptable standards. Not prejudiced since I fully research prior to giving an opinion and the only medication I am on is for a prostate condition.

    So . . . . . How would you like to defend yourself against MY allegations? I have repeatedly outlined FACTS which you ignore. Please do you best to response sensibly.

    1) NO ONE in world has ever been able (and will never BE able) to communicate with something which is not alive. To assist you, by definition this would include things like rocks, doors, ghosts, electric light bulbs, gods, spirits, fairies, traffic cones, dead things which were once alive (including people, dogs cats and pterodactyls),

    2) NO ONE in the world has ever been able (and will never BE able) to cure a terminal illness by faith healing.

    3) NO ONE in the world has ever been able (and will never BE able) to move an object by telekinesis. (Not associated with devices connected to brain- voltage magnifiers.)

    4) NO ONE in the world has ever been able (and will never BE able) to demonstrate fully they can predict the future. (Other than cause and effect situations.)

    5) NO ONE in the world has ever been able (and will never BE able) to argue LOGICALLY against the above. I (WE) WILL BE INTERESTED IN YOUR ATTEMPTS TO RESPOND COGENTLY.

    Whilst I only deal in facts, I am forced to repeat my earlier fact which you may, unfortunately, regard as insulting. I regret, in the true sense of the word, you ARE a MORON!


  46. Well here we go again.!!!! such a charming person, i find you more repulsive by the minute. How dare you imply you have only insulted me once by calling me a “MORON”. I suggest you go and recheck, quote “con artist, mentally unwell” you ask, am i one or both!!!!! quote, “you should be inprisoned.” “STUPID PERSON, THIEF, AND FINISHING WITH MORON.” I can only judge on what i see, and you are without doubt the MORON. I cannot converse with such a self indulgent nobody, with illusions of grandeur. How sad you have nothing better to do than than count the words i have typed in response to your venomous remarks. You repeatably ask me the same question, i have explained we all have a body the flesh enveloped with soul, the soul is the energy of who and what we have been in each life we have encountered on the earth, the soul never dies, how do i know this because i was taught by a very wonderful man in the spirit, many years of teachings. Yes i now know i will be insulted by you yet again because people like you, fear and have deep insecurities and live in a bubble of negativity with a closed mind on the concept and reason for life. I know, i waste my time and breath on the likes of you, i have given information to people which they are awhere is from the spirit, and quite frankly proof 100% that there is no death of the soul. But to a skeptic like you i cannot change your disbelief and nor would i want to try. To the day you depart this world into the next you will be of the same mind pattern. I can do nothing about that because you will not look any further, you will though i can assure you get a shock as many do, my evidence and proof cannot be publicly advertised on this page, it is the people who have had the evidence, they know and really that’s all that matters. I do hope you think in the future about your bad attitude, people do not want aggressive behaviour such as yours, the world karmically is in a dark place for many on the learning curve right now, and you are part of that, if but you only understood.

  47. Hilarious!
    Absolutely brilliant! You had the nerve to avoid ALL the questions put to you!
    It was a very simple task but you failed . . . AGAIN!

    Of course you mind me repulsive! You have no clue how to deal with the truth!

    I said I only stooped to your level once by addressing you as a moron. You ask me to check back. Con artist, mentally unwell, stupid, et cetera are just statements of fact. Since you are also a moron, the facts still stand. Not nice to call anyone a moron but have proved it time and again.

    My associates and myself had much entertainment from you following what we all knew would happen. (Not answering any question.) The most hilarity, however, came from the fact you TALK about proof! Great fun! Idiotic but fun. You TALK about it but do not supply it as politely requested.

    I REALLY have tried to educate you but, think about it, what could anyone do to help someone who uses phrases like “body the flesh enveloped with soul”, “the soul never dies”, “quite frankly proof 100% that there is no death of the soul”, “my evidence and proof cannot be publicly advertised”. (THAT’S A CRACKER !), “people who have had the evidence”, “karmically is in a dark place”. So funny! Absolutely hilarious! Sad, at the same time. You are not alone. There are LOADS of morons out there!

    I must say, in discussion about your audacity, all five of use knew you could not answer the questions, of course but strangely, all five of us thought you would make SOME sort of attempt! Interesting. . . .

    We did come up with a solution. One of the group says he is prepared to PAY you if you take the time to supply your “proof”. Now. . . we all know (including you!) that it will be impossible to do so since it does not exist but we will all be fascinated to hear what your next excuse is to avoid the truth!

    Take your time. Think of your best shot. Hmmmm. Difficult, eh? Hilarious!

    My money is on just more waffle, ignoring the issue. One of us thinks you will quote a well known person in the field. The other’s comments I am retaining but they ARE amusing hypothesis. Great fun! Looking forward to your drivel.

    • So typical just like i expected!!!!!!! blind and deaf, you have no real interest or intention but to ridicule me, perhaps you can exlpain why there are so many believers, do you think all who have had evidence of the life there after, and are firm believers, are inferior to the likes of the ignorant, and arrogant such as your self!!!!!. I have much evidence, and should i ever write my book, there will be many written testimonials within it regarding my abilities, but of course you will scoff for you are intent to destroy those who have higher knowledge than yourself. I find it very sad to hear you refer to the group, meaning more nit wits like yourself, such a sad lot. How you insult me further by offering me money!!!!!! I have already told you i use my ability to help those who cross my path and do nor recieve payment of any kind. I think you have too much time on your hands, and would suggest you put it to better use.!!!!!! I have an extremely busy life with little spare time, and what time i have left is precious, my friends have repeatably told me since your first insulting message, not to waste energy on such a lost cause. Sadly it is my nature to help the lost, but those more deserving and humble, than the likes of you.

  48. You disappoint me. I had hoped you would be a little more original. It would appear you accept you are unable to supply any sensible information and proved me right (again) by “just more waffle, ignoring the issue.”

    As an aside, I recommend you do not write a book. You grammar is shocking. You are even unable to use the one lettered word, “I” correctly. You are so frustrated you use multiple exclamation marks in a feeble attempt to put your point across!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, although you have ignored 100% of the issues I raise giving you an opportunity to defend your foolish views, I always respond to points you raise and hope I can educate you a little.

    OF COURSE I ridicule you! If someone thinks they can communicate with dead people, what do you think would happen?!

    You ask me to explain why there are so many “believers”. Very simple, human beings are, at root level, gullible. Since records can be traced, people worshiped various objects. For example they worshipped the moon (sun, stars, whatever). When they grew more sensible, ( They understood such things possessed no power.) they made statues on which to focus. When they grew more sensible, (They understood objects they made had no special powers.) they invented intangible things which could not be “proved” to not exist. They invented invisible “gods”. When they grew more sensible, (They understood invisible gods did not really exist) they did not need to believe in imaginary objects either. Unfortunately, as explained before, an amazing number of human beings are unable to accept the FACTS. They are upset their time alive is finite. Why they feel this way is a mystery but the desire (need) to believe in “something more” clouds their judgement so badly, they refuse to accept the truth.

    You, hopefully will now realize THAT is the category into which you fall.

    As I mentioned earlier, I was disappointed in your highly predictable, poor response. In an effort to focus your attention better, perhaps you could answer a couple of questions to assist the research, please?

    1) Do you believe ALL living things have a soul?

    2) Do you believe these souls have cognitive skills?

    These are straightforward questions which will help move us in the right direction. I can hardly make them more simple.


    • How dare you ask your questions, after such an assault on my grammer, i once again say to you, how disgraceful when if you look back at your spelling, it is at times at the level of primary school education, infact it would appear at times you maybe intoxicated. yet you have the gaul again to insult me, I am extremely tired of your childish behaviour, and have reached the point of no return. Why would i care to answer your pathetic questions, what would be the point, you behave like a child, you have no decorum what soever, are condescending irritating, and ignorant. I have taken many seminars, regarding the subject of spiritual knowledge and also question and answers, all of the questions you have put forward, trust me have been answered many times over the years. but seriously why should i lower myself to the likes of you. I do not adhere to such abusive, and dominant behaviour. Infact i once again repeat i have hothing more to say to you, other than i know you need help, but until you can open your heart, and admit it, you will continually disrespect any person who is sent by a higher power to help you, and they will walk away. The answer to your 2 simple questions is yes . I will not be comunicating with you again, i feel you have a lot to learn and are at the lowest level of awhereness. Perhaps you may one day wake up, i hope you will but for now i can only say throughout my time i have never known such ungentlemanly behaviour. We all have our individual pathways of learning on this earth and i regardless of your endless criticism have done my best to help so many, all that matters is what i know, and my first teacher in the realms always instilled in me TRUST, FAITH, NO EGO. I have taken many classes and this was always the philosopy. So i wish you well, and hope one day you find the truth and open your eyes, for enlightenment is free and there for all of us.

  49. Right! Got you !

    First time you have have had the ability to answer a straight question . . . . . and that is your undoing!

    You have admitted you believe all living things have a soul and have cognitive skills!

    What a MORON! I said it and I was right! Just a pathetic MORON!

    I am not going into it at great length. Simple enough. . . Take ONE herring. It can lay 60,000 eggs. There a millions of herring at any one point. You fool! So they all have cognitive skills and a soul and will all go to heaven?

    How do these eggs (most eaten immediately) exist in heaven? How do babies who die before birth exist in heaven with cognitive skills?

    How does a tree have cognitive skills in heaven?

    As I said, no point in going into this at depth when you make such an elementary error!

    You REALLY are a MORON!

    Since I will not be communicating with you again. (Unlike yourself, I will stand by this!)

    Let me give you MY opinion of you!

    I am NOT claiming to be psychic like an idiot but, based on how and when you made your posts and your lack of certain elementary skills, I reckon you are a lonely person. Probably never been able to make many friends. The friends you do have just tolerate you. I doubt you have married although you must be over 45, I suspect nearer 55. Probably had more than one child and are a grandmother. Probably live in America or somewhere with the same crass lifestyle. I suspect the usual fair hair, blue eyes and a forehead which is too large. What we call, “plain”. Your desperation to hang on to your stupid believes (about messages from dead people) is in such excess of normal trauma from common death, you probably experienced a death of someone younger than yourself which has left you bitter. You have never held a productive job and actually have an inferiority complex which you try to disguise. You’re not very intelligent but try to bluster your way through life and think, by repeating inane thoughts, they will help you.

    Of course, I appreciate I may be off the mark with some but I know for sure which are real! Certainly as good as any “psychic”

    Anyway, I DID try to educate you. EVERYONE how has studied your comments agrees with me that you could never be changed, such is the ingraining of your foolish beliefs. So, drawing this matter to a conclusion, I do not feel guilty about not being able to help you see sense.

    It was doomed from the start!




    • It’s heaven… trees can talk & there’s room for millions upon millions upon millions of fish eggs. My spirit guide happens to be a pre-salmon called Eric who was once served on a cracker.

    • Brilliant string of comments from start to finish. A meandering mess of repetition on the one side and a brutal dissection by logic on the other. Top class entertainment.

  50. THAT… was funny 🙂
    Top marks Bob
    I hope she give us another eloquent but idiotic answer.
    Idiots are more easily conned, by articulate fools.

  51. What you fail to mention in your review is that you orchestrated the whole event. As you mention someone stood up before you it is possible the spirit was for them and you deliberately dragged the attention to you for the sake of your job. I have been to see Sally and wholeheartedly believe her. When I was there I wrote a letter to my nan who had recently died of cancer. However, the person that came through was my late fiancé who was killed in a car accident. I wrote no letter to her nor did I try to orchestrate anything on Sallys website in advance yet she was able to describe the scene, her name and the fact she was pregnant at the time. She was killed the day before a meal when we were going to announce the engagement and pregnancy. As were were not married no public records would connect her to me for Sallys researchers. You talk about feeling uneasy fir the people that spent £25 on a ticket. I suggest the reason for that is that you wasted Sallys time and their money so you could have a story which wasn’t printed anyway. The sun have never given a damn about legal issues so I put it to you that everyone saw right through you.

  52. Just to record the most important fact.

    ANYONE claiming to be psychic is in one, or both, of only two states.

    1) A CON ARTIST.


    Join the campign to chnage our stupid laws which actually condone LEGALISED THEFT!

    Protect the feeble-minded.

    Email your M.P. to raise the issue in parliament to prohibit these thieves from advertising or performing.

    ANOTHER charlatan, Psychic Sally trial is TODAY!

    What excuse will it come up with to stop trial?

  53. Pingback: click here

  54. See just how the ‘lovely’ Mr Sally Morgan reacts to mild questioning of whether she really is ‘psychic’ .
    Does it suggest to you that they are not very confident in the legitimacy of their cash cow?

    Some people really do hope to hear from their dead loved ones, and self proclaimed ‘psychics’ take advantage of them using hot and cold reading techniques. There is no excuse in the entertainment angle.

  55. Where sally Morgan shows just how dangerous these so called ‘psychics’ can be, and how bloody awful the cold reading is:

    So much for being friendly to gay people. Offering medical advice from god?

    and here a transcript of the reading

  56. Just seen this comment on The Guardian piece about Sally Morgan sacking her husband and son in law. Maybe it’s an old idea, but have not seen before and liked it so thought I would share:

    Laughing_Gravy Saltycroc

    15 October 2014 10:34am

    “Did ‘Psychic Sally’ not see this coming?”

    apparently not. maybe her powers are failing, a bit like a footballer who’s ‘legs go’ once they’re well past their best.

    i’ve often thought that there’s a very simple exercise that these people could go through, to prove their bona fides once and for all.

    all psycho sally, or any of her peers, needs to do is agree to be locked indefinitely into a secure cell. the cell would have an electronic lock, inside and out, and the release code would be a 20 digit alphanumeric sequence, which itself would be written on the outside of the door.

    all sally need to do is call up one of her ‘people’, from the other world, and have them read the release code to her, which she types in, opens the door, and is then handed a licence proving her credentials, and from that pooint on everyone knows she’s for real.

    what could possibly go wrong ?

    So, let’s see what could go wrong? Or, more importantly, what are the exuses as to why this would not be valid. My starter for 10:

    “It doesn’t work like that.”

  57. A brilliant review And one that I can echo. I recently went to see this lady in full flow and the show went exactly as the writer described it. Sally Morgan had more misses than she had hits and the show was a complete and utter farce. It was so comical to see her teetering about on heels that she plainly could not walk in. But the most comical part of the show was when she suddenly announced that a small boy spirit had just pushed into her causing her to fall backwards. All I could do was laugh. Small boy my foot, all it was was the fact she couldn’t walk in those bloody stupid shoes. The show continued to go from bad to worse and it was plain to see that she had already lost the audience after the first half. Nothing she did was correct and I still maintain that when she did get a correct hit, and that was only two, they were plants to make her look credible. Sally Morgan should not be allowed to continue with these shows. They are distasteful and causing people undue hurt and upset. I for one thought initially after watching her shows on tv that she was the real deal. Unfortunately after seeing her live, I now realise that she is not.

  58. It’s really sad this happens. Iv just lost someone close to me and you find yourself on line looking for answers. Iv seem sally once in the past and wasn’t impressed. She did a shock moment before the interval then too. And I have noticed she goes into the pain and death a little to easily, but can’t get a name or date right.

  59. It’s amazing to think that despite that Psychic sally is shown as being fraudulent and uses fake methods, people still afford her the opportunity to contact their loved ones and pay her money to do so, despite her now called into question credentials…crazy!!

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